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  • IBM XT 5160 “overclocked” PC Sprint from 1985

    IBM XT 5160 “overclocked” PC Sprint from 1985

    I printed some PCB’s for the PC Sprint. It’s from Doug Severson out of 1985, but Rees from the UK blew some new life into that PCB design. I spotted the project on his github page: https://github.com/reeshub/pc-sprint So i went out to print them and also ordered the parts. And i made my IBM 5160…

  • Macintosh Classic repairs

    Macintosh Classic repairs

    This time i bought 2 Macintosh Classics and a SE FDHD. The SE and one of the Classics worked perfect but they need a better recap. The previous owner did recap them but not very well. All the values are little off. For example 50v caps replaced with 63v or even 100v caps. Thats not…

  • Insulate the attic

    Insulate the attic

    Originally this attic had no insulation at all as you can see on these early pictures when i started this project. So i started with metalstuds, never tried them before but them seem to be easier than with wood (and sadly cheaper). After i figured out howto mount this, i started to add the Rockwool.…

  • New workbench in the rear of the garage

    New workbench in the rear of the garage

    This one started in sketchup. A little idea of what i wanted to build in the rear of the garage. I wanted a place for the following tools: Compressor Lathe Ultrasonic cleaner Drillpres And storage for books and VHS tapes. So i made a cutlist for the steel parts. Cleanup of the old workbench… And…

  • Vacation to Italy

    Vacation to Italy

    A drive of about 1000km one-way. And the car held up perfectly.

  • New roof on the garage

    New roof on the garage

    Well it was that time, the roof of my garage was leaking and rotten on the backside of the roof. So my nephew helped me, he started to tear out my oldroof and i asisted him with that. Within notime had the old roof off my garage. And started with the new underlayment for the…