Macintosh SE FD/HD upgraded to 4MB

I’ve bought this one from a Family in Pijnacker, the son was selling the machine but the mom could tell me that her dad let her use this particulair machine to write papers for school on.

It came with a generic storage bag. But lucky me with keyboard AND mouse this time.

I’ve not retrobrited the keyboard yet.

I’ve retrobrited the case but tend to leave the backside as is… Why? So you can see how yellow it once was 😉

You can see some clear differences between the Macintosh Plus and this SE version. First is the expansion bay, the use of the APD ports for the keyboard/mouse. But also that it uses a different type/color of power supply. This particulair one has a Sony PSU. Which is easy to recap! There are some BOM’s on Youtube recap video’s for Mouser carts. But i can advice to look them over because sometimes they order funky caps that are on backorder because they dont produce them anymore….