Macintosh SE/30 – 8MB

When i bought this SE/30 i was afraid of battery damage. Because the owner said it didn’t boot. But luckly the battery didn’t bomb yet. And as you can see it was of march 1989.

It still read 0.05v. But there is capacitor juice spilled over the board.

The PSU on the otherhand… it had some more work. I quickly made a order on Mouser and ordered all the caps. Except the main powersupply cap… Those were not in stock and costs about 25 euro’s per piece.

Recap logicboard in progress:



And a little retrobright:


After the recap i ended up with a SE/30 without sound, better yet. It crashed everytime it tried to access the soundchip (ASC). Turned out my A10 line was missing between the video-ram and ASC.

I reflowed about 10 times the ASC chip and SERIAL and SCSI chip. But it turned out to be a bit of electrolyt damage under the TTL (LS) chips arround the video-ram.