A list of Macintoshes/apple products Aapje owns:

  1. Macintosh 512k with factory upgrade to Macintosh Plus 1MB (sadly the Flyback Transformer is cracked somewhere so it bypasses highvoltage)
  2. Macintosh Plus upgraded to 4MB and a SC20 external SCSI harddrive
  3. Macintosh Plus Platium version upgraded to 4MB with a RODIME external scsi harddrive fitted with a SCSI2SD card
  4. Macintosh SE FD/HD upgraded to 4MB
  5. Macintosh SE/30 – 8MB
  6. Macintosh Classic I upgraded to 4MB
  7. Macintosh Classic I upgraded to 4MB #2
  8. Macintosh Classic II upgraded to 10MB
  9. Macintosh Classic I (waiting on a PCB of Kai Robinson to rebuild this Macintosh, it had major battery leakage).
  10. PowerMAC 5500/275 
  11. PowerMAC 9600/200 with 256MB Ram and a Studio Display 14″
  12. PowerBook 1400CS (with a crappy LCD)
  13. Macintosh G3 Quicksilver tower 800mhz (with ssd, ide->sata) with a Cinema Display
  14. Macintosh G4 nicknamed ‘bolletje’ 2.1ghz (with ssd, ide->sata)
  15. Macintosh Dual G5 PowerPC 2ghz (with SSD) with a Cinema HD display
  16. Apple iMac 9.1 A1225

Sidenote; i recap all my 68k mac’s analog+logic boards. 

To get software onto my mac’s i use a combination of a RaspberryPi 4 with a RaSCSI interface and a SCSI2SD. I can advice the ‘newbies’ under us to go with the RaSCSI device. It can do multiple tasks like providing you with a ethernet card.