Myford ML10 Lathe

The Myford ML10 lathe i got via a friends dad, its a good addition to the garage. When you need a little bushing or a specific tool you don’t have like a clutch alignement tool… Well you can make it.

Little history on the Lathe, it was launched arround 1968 as a starter but capable tool in the market. Very much used for model engineering. But if you take the time to do little cuts you can do large objects too.

The lathe i now own is a in a great condition but i do need to check out the table. That has a big backlash on the leadscrew.

To make the lathe a bit safer i redid the power wires with some new.

Also to save room i’ve made the motor exit the lead on the side instead of the back, so the lathe could really set against the wall.

(note: the mod is totally reversable to make the lathe original i made a new ‘lid’ and put a plastic plug in the original)

And a bunch of tools, even some cheapo tools like the live-center and endmills added.

Wish list for this lathe:

  1. Vertical table
  2. Metric gears to cut metric threads
  3. Clutch-kit