Posted by aapje


Sofar not impressed by the PSA product. The biggest point is the software… It just sucks. The TomTom navigation software does not help at all with telling you where quickchargers are. You cannot change the Points of interesst yourself so you cant change this either.

Then the range of 340 they advertised. On the highway you at most get 200km… The ‘quick’ charge meh… 50kWh average….

And lets not talk about that the car had to be at the dealership for about a month during that Suez boat incident… because they could not get hold of a replacement charger that had to be specially ordered on chassisnumber. Imagine in the future that you have to pay for a new charger instead of a used one from the junkyard a 2600 euro. I had full intent in the beginning to save-up money to buy this car after the leasecontract expired… but that passed idea quickly…

But it rides good.