Sun MGA-1200

Well, i bought a MGA 1200…. We go further down in the rabbithole of SUN devices.

This one is locked, recal needed. Sofar i found the following:

Sun used the following password to get into the service menu’s:

  • 515324

And to skip the 15min delay on the start:

  • 123451

(Key 1 = 1, Key 2 = 2, e.t.c.)


Scanner by me:

Scanned by Fred:

Found on the web:

For mga 1400, which looks like the 1200 menu’s seem to be the same:





I Connected up a printer via a LPT –> Gender changer –> LPT

And for the future reference i dumped the ROM’s:

U2-chip MGA 1200 Aapje – 0703E1824-61 M27C256B.BIN

U2-chip MGA 1200 Aapje – 0703E1814-61 CPU Board.BIN