Macintosh 512k with factory upgrade to Macintosh Plus 1MB

Bought this machine thinking it was a 512k machine. Turned out to be a Macintosh Plus upgraded 512k.

It was sold like this:

You can clearly see the stripes on the front of the Macintosh. Those where the marks of the little black case it was kept in.

I’ve retrobrited the Macintosh and now at least the bars are gone 😉

Meanwhile during the retrobriting i recapped the analog board.

But stopped when i discovered that the flyback is not working correctly. And the screen has a small burn-in damage. Logicboard is tested in a different macintosh plus and it works propperly so the core of the issues are with the analog board.

Next to that the voltage regulation doesnt seem to work. But at least the battery is removed now and all the leaky electrolyte capacitors are gone. This machine can survive another day on the shelve…

And the bit of rust…: