IBM XT 5160 “overclocked” PC Sprint from 1985

I printed some PCB’s for the PC Sprint. It’s from Doug Severson out of 1985, but Rees from the UK blew some new life into that PCB design. I spotted the project on his github page:

So i went out to print them and also ordered the parts.

And i made my IBM 5160 faster!

Did not have the correct capacitors so it will have to do with SMD Elco’s. But that will do for now.

I stole the NEC V20 CPU from a Tulip Compact 2 which appearently nobody wanted to buy in a complete state. So it went into parts… Because strangely enough that would sell…


Some notes here, i placed my PC Sprint into a IBM 5160. But the project is designed for a 5150. Keep that in mind, you will need to make the pins that go into the IBM motherboard a bit longer. I did this by just staking two sockets ontop of the IBM Board and then punching in the PCB sprint board. So its more elevated. Tho if you want to travel/move this system allot i would advice to use some adhesive to it so it stays put.

After this test run i added the following, a Reset button and a toggle switch to switch between stock speed an ‘turbo’speed 🙂