Macintosh Classic repairs

This time i bought 2 Macintosh Classics and a SE FDHD.

The SE and one of the Classics worked perfect but they need a better recap. The previous owner did recap them but not very well. All the values are little off. For example 50v caps replaced with 63v or even 100v caps. Thats not how i roll. So time to replace them for the correct ones.

If you ever want to order correct capacitors the following links are very usefull:

Let’s start checking it out… and ordering capacitors… 🙂

Well thats sad… like a sadmac… Battery explosion 🙁

And a bit of cleaning later:

And a few days of tinkering later and removing a bunch of chips and ram chips.

Well…. its an image…

Few hours later?

Chess anyone (checkerboard)?

And a few hours later…. an sadmac error…