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  • New workbench in the rear of the garage

    New workbench in the rear of the garage

    This one started in sketchup. A little idea of what i wanted to build in the rear of the garage. I wanted a place for the following tools: Compressor Lathe Ultrasonic cleaner Drillpres And storage for books and VHS tapes. So i made a cutlist for the steel parts. Cleanup of the old workbench… And…

  • Vacation to Italy

    Vacation to Italy

    A drive of about 1000km one-way. And the car held up perfectly.

  • New roof on the garage

    New roof on the garage

    Well it was that time, the roof of my garage was leaking and rotten on the backside of the roof. So my nephew helped me, he started to tear out my oldroof and i asisted him with that. Within notime had the old roof off my garage. And started with the new underlayment for the…

  • Buying a little Myford ML10 Lathe

    Buying a little Myford ML10 Lathe

    A friend of me told me that his dad wanted to sell his little lathe but wanted it to go to a good home. Well let’s grab it and make sure it does 🙂 With all kinds of tooling and gears to cut threads. On my way 🙂 Some heavy lifting later…. Look at that…

  • Tech 80 Diagnosis computer

    Tech 80 Diagnosis computer

    After about 10 messages from close friends that were telling me to buy this Tech 80 machine I finally hooked on my trailer and drove about 200km to Landgraaf. The only catch was that I really did not have the space to fit this machine in the garage. But after some Tetris and throwing away…

  • Corsa A TR finished….

    Corsa A TR finished….

    In earlier blogs on my blog, I started to restore my Corsa A TR. Which I bought around 2014~2015. This car had allot of rust issues but mostly around the trunk area. Through some second hand purchases I managed to buy a new unused sidepanel for one side. And a few weld-in wheelarches. These posts…