Insulate the attic

Originally this attic had no insulation at all as you can see on these early pictures when i started this project.

So i started with metalstuds, never tried them before but them seem to be easier than with wood (and sadly cheaper).

After i figured out howto mount this, i started to add the Rockwool. I can fit 12cm thick rockwool between the metalstuds and the roofstructure.

For the bottom part i made a piece that follows the angle of the roof and continues into a 90 towards the ground.

With all that finished i started to add the foil that helps preventing the condensation to reach the Rockwool, because when that hotter air reaches a colder object it condensates.

And well after that i started mounting the Gyproc plate.

I finished the power sockets and bottom part with the Gyproc plating. But i’m waiting till its a bit warmer to finish the screwholes.