Broken Opel Kapitan P2 gearbox

For my uncle i tried an attempt to repair his Kapitan P2 gearbox.

His car leaked the oil out of it and ruined the bearings.

Before i started on this gearbox i disassembled a spare Rekord P2 gearbox because these gearboxes are almost the same.  I did this because i presume we are going to need parts to fix the kapitan gearbox.

Bit of disassembly later.

All the parts are out.

Well the damages:

Left is a good bearing from the rekord p2 gearbox, right came out of the kapitan p2 gearbox. That one fell to pieces and the gearing surface was scratched up.

So i’ve put the maingearshaft in the lathe and polished the surface with 1000~1200 grid sandingpaper and some oil. And it cleaned up descently.

But the trouble started with this bearing, what number is it, what supplier can supply it…

Well turnsout getting a messing/bronse version is really dificult nowadays. So i opted for the rightsizes in a platesteel bearing cage of SKF:

And the main bearings had numbers of them from SKF.

Only trouble was that my suppliers could only get a particulair bearing with 2 shields instead of one.

The bearing on the right is a 6206-2ZNR SKF but you can also go for a 6206-ZNR SKF. The shield on the outside (side where the ring is clipped to) needs to be removed.

The other bearing in the SKF box is a 6305.

This bearing has a little oilshield next to it, and spot the differences between the rekord p2 (good part) and kapitan p2 (bad part).

Some assembly later:

And a splash of paint onto it:


  • K 20X26X13 SKF
  • 6206-ZN SKF
  • 6305 SKF

The papergaskets are unique to Opel. Best is to order them. together with the seals.

The kit i bought had these Seals in there by DPH-Germany with part numbers.

  • 1265379 (gearbox lever gasket) –> Elring  281.514, this one is also used on modern FWD gearboxes like the F10~F23 series.
  • 117967 with other numbers: 22 32.75 7.5 32 on it
  • 33 50 10/12 3