Tech 80 / MCS-2000 Hardware page

Board overview:

I found a list on the web that describes at least the mainparts of the MCS 2000. And i tried with photo’s to link the correct part to them.

PCB name Position Number
KV-slope board J2 7001E9020
KV/O2-processor board J4 7001E9310-44
Volt/Ohm board J5 7001E9044
Amp/Temp board J6 7001E9310-12
Timing board J7 7001E9045
Misc. function board J11 700lE9017
Primary Trigger board J12 7001E9019
Digital I/O board J22 7001E9010
KV/Cardreader board J21 7001E9011
MUX A/D (REV A) J20 7001E9012
MUX A/D (REV B) J20 7001E9313-27
Centronics Interface/switch board J19 7001E9311-19
Memory board J18 7001E9311-48
E-CPU board J17 7001E9311-44
Digital Scope board J16 7001E9311-54
Disc drive controller board J15 7001E9310-05
ECRT control board J14 7001E9311-59
Pre-processor board J13 7001E9009
POWER SUPPLY SSI/l00W 7009E9310-32
TIMING LIGHT 7001E9311-60



Sun 7001E9311-44 REV A

Sun 7001E9311-44 REV A
Processor board of a SUN MCS 2000
Sun Tech 80 CPU board
Opel Tech 80 CPU board, identical to the Hyundai one but with RTC clock chip.

Two EPROM’s present on this one:

MCS-2000 0730283-1.0 U1-E3 V3.0 rom (M27256-2FI)

MCS-2000 0730283-1.0 U2-E4 V3.0 rom (M27256-2FI)

Settings of the Hyundai machine are stored in this EEPROM:

D2817A EEPROM (Intel D2817A U71416MDS Intel_2817a.pdf)

Settings of my Tech80 machine (With SDL-20, Gastester-6):

MCS-2000 0730283-1.0 U1-E3 V3.01 rom (M27256-2FI)

MCS-2000 0730283-1.0 U2-E4 V3.01 rom (M27256-2FI)

D2817A-tech80 EEPROM (Intel D2817A U71416MDS Intel_2817a.pdf)

And a few other chips:


Sun 7001E9311-48 REV A

Sun 7001E9311-48 REV A
Memory board of a Sun MCS 2000 machine with 640KB
Sun 7001E9311-48 REV A
Memory board of a Sun MCS 2000 machine with 1024KB
Memory boards of the Tech80 machines i own with 1024KB ram.


There are 10 piggy-backed TC55257APL-12 chips on this machine.

Piggyback means that there are actually two chips per chip location and they have one address line going into a separate line.

Sun 7001E9012 REV A

Sun 7001E9012
A analog to digital conversion board. Note there are 4 variable resistors to calibrate this board.

Unknown what this board actually does.

The ADC1210HCD chip in the rightbottom corner is a give-away that it converts analog to digital.

Sun 70010206 REV C

Sun 7001-0206 REV C
Digital I/O Board

Nothing much to say about this board. It’s packed with generic chips

Sun 7001E9009

Sun 7001E-9009
Pre-processor board

This board is marked pre-processorboard and contains a follow slew of chips and one EPROM

Sun 7001E9310-05 REV A

Sun 7001E-9310-05 REV A
Looks to be a controller card for the diskettedrive and some serial connections.

Looks to be a serial and diskettedrive controller card. The flatcable goes to the CPU board.

Two R6551 Rockwell chips can be found on the right hand side of the board.

These chips are Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapters.

Todo: tap-into the serial connections to see what goes over the lines.

Linked to the R6551 is a MC1488P RS-232C QUAD LINE DRIVER

And a MC1489-D Quad Line EIA-232D

Datasheet of the ACIA chips: R6551_Rockwell.pdf

And one VLSI chip VL1772-02_VLSITechnology a floppy disk controller chip.

Sun 7001E9311-59 REV A

Sun 7001E9311-59 REV A
CRT controller for MCS to work with STL/SDL module.

The CRT module was hooked up with the next card: Sun 7001E9311-54 REV A

Like this:

Sun 7001E9311-54 REV A

Sun 7001E9311-54 REV A
Unknown module (digital scope maybe?)

Sun 7001E9311-14 REV C

Sun 7001E9311-14
CRT Controller for standard MCS 2000

Sun 7001E9311-19 REV A

Sun 7001E9311-19 REV A