Corsa A TR finished….

In earlier blogs on my blog, I started to restore my Corsa A TR. Which I bought around 2014~2015. This car had allot of rust issues but mostly around the trunk area. Through some second hand purchases I managed to buy a new unused sidepanel for one side. And a few weld-in wheelarches. These posts are in Dutch though.

You can see the progress I made back in the days in the following posts though they are in dutch:

Corsa TR ontroesten Part 1

Corsa TR ontroesten Part 2

But I had a project comming (the Rekord P2). So had to make some progress on this project. So in a 3 weeks time I finished the welding, made some more rust discoveries and welded them.

So to continue in my own fashion of my style of blogging a few pictures:

The car was finished in about two weeks up to the primer stage. This meant I could start blocking the car and getting it straight.

After the car was sanded e.t.c. and it prepwork was ready for the final paint i started to cleanup the garage and packing it in plastic.


Color I chose was Audi Nargo Grey. Good color for a retro car.



Motor had some issues, turned out to be a wire issue between the DIS coil and the ECU. The second part of the coil did not want to spark. By using the Tech1 tester and asking the ECU to ‘spark’ the second coil I discovered that it did not spark. So a real Tech1 is really usefull with these kind of ECU’s/Cars.

No radio but a coin holder for the parking coins.