Tulip PC Compact 2 Turbo-XT

Upon first boot it seemed that the harddrive was broken. “Stickage” on the drive heads was the cause. Sadly i could not get it to work without damaging the heads. They were really stuck on the disk… (glue would have been jealous on the stickage). I think the computer was stored in a humid enviroment because the diskette drive also gave some ‘rust’ signs.

And also the computercase was filled with saw-dust and nicotine somehow… So i had some simple cleaning to do.

I’ve cleaned the motherboard under the sink with warm water and some glascleaner. After that i used my hotair station on 60~100c to blow the water out of the chipsockets and the computer booted up fine again but now clean.

I’ve made a backup of the Bios chips from the Tulip DGA card and the XT Bios.

You can download them here:

Since the harddrive was broken, i installed a ISA XT-IDE with a 256MB CF card. And i stole the LED connector of the MFM ST-125 HDD.

On back-order is a 8087 coprocessor from Aliexpress. I had some good experience with ordering them from there for my IBM 5160. So why not again, they recycle them out of old junk we threw away…