AApro AADLIB_V4 SOUND CARD Adlib Soundcard

I was looking for a cheaper solution than a ‘real’ non-clone Adlib card. And in that search i came accross this small DIY solder project. It’s fun to make and they give good support over the email.

It’s using a real OPL reclaimed chip. I’m guessing the OPL chips are bought via AliExpress chinese are really recycling our old equipment because this chip came with a bit of solderblobs on the legs. So they really reclaimed it.

I’ve recently aquired about 20 of these chips and tested them in this card. I’m planning to make a ad-lib clone card in the near future. Found the PCB on Tindie but also on PCBways Shared projects. But also on github with the creator.

Conclusion fun and easy project to make and sounds good!

You can buy the card here on Ebay or you can reach them via thier website: aapro.co.uk