IBM 486 PS/ValuePoint 433DX/S (Intel OverDrive)

IBM 486 433DX/S ValuePoint Computer

Originally this computer came with a:

  • Intel Overdrive DX40DPR100
  • S3 805 86C805-P
  • 12MB Ram
  • Western Digital 2340 disk (1010 cyl, 12 hds, 55 spt, 341.2MB)

I’ve upgraded it with a Compact Flash card of 512MB in a bracket on the back of the machine to provide the computer with a easy way to get files to it.

Next to storage the following things were added to the machine:

  1. Soundblaster AWE64 CT4500
  2. Realtek 8019 ISA PNP BNC+UTP
  3. 12MB ram extra to make a total of 24MB