Sun MEA 1500 SL

One day… i needed some cables for my Tech 80 Machine (Sun MCS 2000). So i bought a MEA 1500 SL as a donor.

If you are looking for the Service Manual for a Sun MEA 1500 please look here:

Upon getting it home i tried powering it on… didn’t boot… So i started stripping everything i wanted to keep for myself and the rest went to the scrapheap.

So what did i need for my MCS 2000… well all the cables coming out of the arm and the nice plastic piece above the printer….

But beeing the vintage computer geek i am, i tried powering it on in the attic… Turned out to be a chip that was not making good contact… I reseated that chip in the socket and the machine turned on without garbled text on the screen.

Also turned out this machine has AARDGAS Software 7.0.5 on it (LPG/CNG addon version 7.0.5).

You can download my versions of the manuals here:

And my software dump is here, the U30 and U31 contain the LPG/CNG rom in DUTCH:

U30 and U31 are a ST 27C256 EPROM
U58 is a MBM27C64 EPROM

The manuals: