Packard Bell MultiMedia CLE1230/R

For this machine i still miss the screen, keyboard, moue. But hey the computer is complete and original. I even got the original harddrive with “Exact” Software from back in the 90’s on there…

I’ve maxed out this computer with spareparts i had around.

  • PCI 3DFX Voodoo I 12MB PCI card
  • PCI Realtek 8029AS PNP BNC+UTP
  • ISA DITO Drive controller iOmega RAMORRA for the iOmega IO1000Mi DITO Drive
  • ISA Aztech AZT2320 Soundcard Modem Combination
  • 4 x 16MB Edo Ram
  • Seagate Disk ST320014A (a Quieter drive instead of the original Fujitsu Disk)

Like the sticker on the case says, and some pictures of the guts: