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IBM Parallel card 1501987 340311 V0011

Why i am so sure this card is an IBM Card?

I found it in a price listing on IBM's website. Went back in the day (1983) for around 150,- dollar

And by using the code on the box 150520 i found it on the awesome website minuszerodegrees.net

The IBM technical document can be found here as on the website of Minuszerodegrees.

Accoording to minuszerodegrees:

The port is hardwired to I/O base address 378, and interrupt 7.

Only one of these cards may be fitted in the IBM 5150 or 5160, and can only be fitted if the computer doesn't already have a parallel port at I/O base address 378.

This card will co-exist with the parallel port in an 'IBM Monochrome Display and Printer Adapter' card (MDA). 

I i bought it with the original box:

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