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3com Etherlink II ISA 8-bit

To get my IBM XT on the internet i've bought a Etherlink II.

The Etherlink II is a period correct card that matches my demand of only using 8-bit cards.

I've set it to I/O: 300 and the card has no bootrom.

Manual can be found here: 4185-01_EtherLink_II_Technical_Reference_Jan89.pdf

Used software: 3PLUS.zip

I've place the contents of my zip file on my root. And i'm using the following to setup the packet driver for this 3com 503 card:


c:\3plus\3c503 0x60


device=C:\3plus\eth503.sys /d:300 /i:3 /t:2

If you want to change the settings:

Interface via AUI: /t:2

Interface via BNC: /t:1

I'm using a AUIĀ  (CentreCOM 210T) to UTP transciever when i'm not keeping my IBM XT in the Attic (i've got a BNC network there).

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